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Connected smart appliances

HomeWhiz can be connected to a wide range of smart home appliances

A life of innovation. Designed for you.

Nowadays, everyone is short on time. So why waste it? Our washing machines will automatically select the right programme for your laundry, while the oven happily cooks three meals at the same time without mixing their aromas.

What’s more, the new Grundig HomeWhiz appliances interact autonomously, sending each other instructions and information as required. For example, washing machines can forward data on their cycles and spin speeds to tumble dryers. Freeing you up to enjoy life to the full.

Control your connected home from anywhere

We know that modern life becomes faster and busier all the time and our customers need products that make their lives easier and richer. That is why we have created our Arçelik HomeWhiz products, because we understand the needs of consumers and want to offer exclusive solutions for them.

Arçelik HomeWhiz provides a wide range of connected home appliances to turn your home into a smart home. Now your phone can notify you when your meal is ready, your washing machine can recommend the right programme to your dryer, and many other smart features are right at your fingertips. With the HomeWhiz application, you can control your Arçelik smart appliances right from your phone or tablet, whenever you need it and wherever you want it.