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A secure connected home

We care about your security

Security features

Keep your home safe and secure with smart home technology

With HomeWhiz you can be sure your smart home network and data are secure. The use of industry-standard authentication protocols prevents unauthorised users from accessing your connected home data. HomeWhiz comes with the strictest security standards.

Certified technology

Secure network technology, certified by VDE

HomeWhiz applies the latest security industry standards, ensuring information security and data protection when you use our smart home app. The secure HomeWhiz servers ensure access to your smart appliances is subject to strict authorisation checks. Our mobile app and the network card used by the appliances are both certified by VDE.

Keep your home safe and avoid arguments

You can control your smart home appliances remotely but this doesn’t mean that those at home can’t take control if necessary. Users with physcial access to appliances have priority.

Receive push notifications about your smart appliances

Homewhiz notifies you when necessary about the operation of your smart appliances so that issues can be solved before they turn into problems. You control the notification settings on your smart home devices.