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HomeWhiz Homestory

Welcome to the home of the future! A young Londoner uses his HomeWhiz smart home app to operate his smart washer and dryer.

Ian is a finance specialist and lives in a small flat in the centre of London. He works directly with customers at a large bank. Long hours are the norm for him, but he chases his career goals with passion. As a banker and professional, looking smart and fashionable is a must.

This young Londoner is one of the many people who have fun managing their household, and saving time and money, with smart home technology. With his working week, the laundry piles up – especially business shirts that of course have to be washed and ironed. In the past, Ian used an expensive laundry service. But today, he is the proud owner of a modern Grundig smart washer and dryer. With the proper programme, some shirts don’t even need to be ironed – what a luxury!

As a modern big-city professional, it was essential for Ian to be able to use and programme his devices using his mobile phone and the HomeWhiz smart home app. He loves that his smart appliances send him push notifications when a programme is finished, for example. His smart dryer works together with the washing machine, recognises Ian’s preferred shirt programme and recommends a suitable dryer setting via the HomeWhiz app. His preferred settings can be saved with the favourite function – Ian simply sets his personal favourites, names them with a shortcut of his choice and can manage them with minimal effort.


Save & recall your favourite dryer programmes

When you find that perfect programme for your smart appliance, simply save it as a favourite on HomeWhiz to recall it later. Name them as you like so you can easily find and use just the right programme every time.

Tumble Dryer

Washing Machine



A number-crunching convenience lover

Ian Matthews

Ian’s flat – smart home system + smart appliances = smart homeowner
Convenience is important to Ian and he appreciates solutions that make his busy life easier. For instance he likes his smart home systems to be so synchronised that they always save his preferred settings – this is child’s play with the HomeWhiz favourite function!

His new smart home appliances are not only toys, they are life-savers. This is exactly how he imagines his ideal smart home – the highest level of convenience paired with time and energy savings. This is one of the reasons his flat looks like the showroom of a high-end electronics store. Laptop, mobile phone, tablet, clock and home audio system – and now thanks to HomeWhiz, his smart washer and dryer – can all be managed via the app. He loves having fun with his gadgets and showing them off, for example when he comes home to jazz music in the evening – and as of recently, his freshly washed and ironed shirts for work…

Ian is a huge fan of smart home technology: the convenience they promise, as well as the “side effects” they deliver, such as time and energy savings. For Ian, the home of the future is in the here and now.

About Ian:

Born and raised in Brighton, Ian now lives in a small but stylish flat in the centre of London, where he completed his Master’s degree in financial analysis. He has always loved having the most up-to-date smart home technology and gadgets, and like many of us, he has a weak spot for anything that makes his life easier. He is the first person his friends ask for advice when they are thinking about buying a new toy – after all, he always has the best recommendations!

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