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Who do we work with to make a great product even better?

We support the Open Connectivity Foundation.

We support OCF’s IoT ecosystem principles for all solutions that make people’s lives easier. The main benefit of OCF for us is to create a common language for IoT in a wide variety of markets and with a large number of appliances. We are eager to offer appliances compatible with this platform to our customers within the shortest possible time, so that we can support OCF in terms of inter-operability, especially in the markets where we are active.

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A seamless experience for our users.

Our partnership with Amazon includes participation in Amazon’s Dash Replacement Service (DRS), which means that HomeWhiz-connected dishwashers are now able to automatically reorder detergent and rinse aid when supplies run low.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a crucial element in the design of HomeWhiz’s IoT infrastructure because it is one of the most promising SaaS platforms available, providing us with top level security, scalability and stability. By using AWS components, we can focus more on designing and improving our services to create more value for users. We’re proud to work with AWS teams and to collaborate in the creation of innovative smart home scenarios.

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Amazon Alexa

HomeWhiz users are able to control their home appliances through Alexa, turning these appliances on and off, start operation and monitoring the progress of cycles simply by asking and more

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Finish 365

Thanks to partnerships with Reckitt Benckiser’s Finish 365 service, HomeWhiz Dishwashers can automatically reorder detergent, rinse aid and salt supplies, so customers will never again have to concern themselves with shopping everyday consumable.


Partnership with Innit allows HomeWhiz users to access over 10,000 recipes, along with step-bystep video guidance for preparing meals and customisation and personalisation when cooking to accommodate allergies or diet restrictions. Your oven can be controlled by Innit app, providing the perfect cooking experience for the recipe chosen.

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