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HomeWhiz Homestory

Dinner made easy with the HomeWhiz smart home app.

Lisa is a mother, wife and owner of a small salon in Stuttgart, Germany. Like many modern women, she faces the challenge of balancing her responsibilities at work and home every day. This is not always an easy task, especially when circumstances require her to stay at the salon longer than planned. And then, of course, she hits rush hour on her way home. When she has a hungry family waiting for her at home, things can quickly get hectic.

To help avoid this situation and make dinnertime a bit more interesting, she turns to her HomeWhiz smart home app and smart oven. In just a few clicks, she can find vegetarian recipes for her daughter or ideas for a light dinner if her family isn’t so hungry. But there’s more – HomeWhiz also provides a list of ingredients needed for each dish.

The app conveniently creates a shopping list for her and, with smartphone in hand, she can pop by the store on her way home. She can even use the HomeWhiz smart home app to preheat her smart oven before she gets home. Once she puts her groceries away, she gets right on with dinner – and her hungry bunch can fill their bellies in no time.


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When you find that perfect programme for your smart appliance, simply save it as a favourite on HomeWhiz to recall it later. Name them as you like so you can easily find and use just the right programme every time.


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Busy business owner, mother and wife!

Lisa Schmidt

Lisa gets more out of her day with smart home technology
Lisa loves smart appliances that make her life easier and help her balance work and family life. Smart home technology and a connected home save her time and energy – one reason she does a lot of her shopping online. She enjoys being able to do this even from work, which means she has more time to cook for her family and make sure they have a balanced diet.

Lisa’s smart appliances are real life-savers. They can be operated remotely with the HomeWhiz smart home app and make it easier for her to deal with her children, husband, work and household. Thanks to smart home technology, keeping her everyday and professional lives in balance doesn’t seem like twice the work – smart home technology frees up valuable time she can use for the things that mean the most to her.

About Lisa:

Lisa lives with her family in Stuttgart, Germany. She tries to be eco-conscious and encourages her family to save energy. She runs her salon in the city centre with enthusiasm and dedication. At the same time, she always takes great care of her husband and children at home. It is very important for her to have a good work-life balance. For this reason, she is a passionate supporter of smart home technology and connected homes. She can kill numerous birds with one stone thanks to her integrated smart home devices and appliances. Not only do they help her save time and energy, they also give her the feeling that she is doing something good for her family. And that’s something they are all thankful for.

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