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HomeWhiz Homestory

Smart home technology makes life-work balance possible.

Lisa is a successful business owner who runs her own salon in the centre of Stuttgart. She manages her household – her husband and two teenagers, Anna and Max – with the same drive. Lisa’s husband also works full time and travels frequently on business, meaning he often does not have much time to help around the house.

He recently received some good news from work – a promotion! This is most certainly something to celebrate so Lisa decided to prepare a special dinner for her family. First she turned to her HomeWhiz smart home app for recipe ideas because the app links right to her oven. She then set a beautiful table with her finest china, a special set that has been passed down in her family for generations. Lisa and her family had a lovely evening together – so lovely in fact that she couldn’t be bothered to clean up that evening. She decided to set her alarm early so she could tidy up and put everything in the dishwasher the next morning. Once the dishwasher was full, she noticed that she was a running a bit late for work and headed straight off to the salon.

At work, she used her HomeWhiz smart home app to start her smart dishwasher at home: she used the app’s favourite function to select the pre-set programme she had previously chosen for her fine china – the one that thoroughly cleans the dishes without harming the delicate pattern. She also saves energy by programming her smart dishwasher to run during an off-peak time – after all, she won’t be home until evening anyway. So, now that’s taken care of, she can turn her full attention to her clients…

Oven Recipes

Find delicious recipes and let HomeWhiz do the work

Within HomeWhiz you have access to various recipes, listing all the ingredients you need, as well as cooking instructions for your smart oven. Once you have picked your recipe, send it to the oven with just one tap and HomeWhiz will take care of the rest.


Busy business owner, mother and wife!

Lisa Schmidt

Lisa juggles it all thanks to smart home technology
Like many other parents and busy business owners, Lisa loves smart home gadgets that make everyday life easier and help her juggle the demands that come with having a family and a job. She happily relies on smart home technology in her connected home. She does a lot of her shopping online, including grocery shopping. She enjoys the practicality of being able to do the shopping even while she’s at work. This means she has more time to cook for her family and make sure they have a healthy, balanced diet. She is a conscious consumer – for her, wasting food or throwing things away is to be avoided at all costs. All of her food is safe and sound in her modern smart refrigerator. Her smart home appliances are also very energy-efficient – yet another topic close to Lisa’s heart.

Lisa’s smart home appliances are major helpers in her life. They can be operated remotely with the HomeWhiz smart home app and make it easier for her to deal with her children, husband, work and household. Thanks to smart home technology, keeping her everyday and professional lives in balance doesn’t seem like twice the work. She can give her full attention to the challenges she faces at work and at home. Plus, she is planning to expand her salon. She doesn’t have to wait until her children are grown up and out of the house. Thanks to HomeWhiz, she can start thinking about it now and slowly but surely put her plans into action.

About Lisa:

Lisa lives with her family in Stuttgart, Germany. She tries to be eco-conscious and encourages her family to save energy. She runs her salon in the city centre with enthusiasm and dedication. At the same time, she always takes great care of her husband and children at home. It is very important for her to have a good work-life balance. For this reason, she is a passionate supporter of smart home technology and connected homes. She can kill numerous birds with one stone thanks to her integrated smart home devices and appliances. Not only do they help her save time and energy, they also give her the feeling that she is doing something good for her family. And that’s something they are all thankful for.

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