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HomeWhiz is available with household smart appliances from Grundig and Arçelik. Creating HomeWhiz smart home systems is easy, you just need to download the smart home app and connect with your HomeWhiz-ready smart appliances via Wi-Fi.

Create HomeWhiz User Account

Open the HomeWhiz app on your smart device and tap on “Sign Up”.

Follow the prompts to register by entering your name, email address, country and a password.

Tick the box confirming you have read and accept the HomeWhiz terms & conditions and privacy policy, then tap “Complete”.

Finally, check your email and accept the HomeWhiz confirmation email by clicking on the link in the email.

Your HomeWhiz account will then be confirmed.

Connect your appliances to the HomeWhiz App

You will need to connect your smart appliance to the internet in order to benefit from all of HomeWhiz’s features.

Tap on the Devices button on the menu bar, which you’ll find on the bottom of the screen.

Click on «Add Device»

Follow the instructions in the application. You will be guided step-by-step according to your product type.

First Steps with your HomeWhiz App

On the “Appliances” tab you can manage all your connected smart appliances on HomeWhiz, including adding and removing appliances. You can also see the status of each of your smart appliances.

On the “Favourites” tab you can find your favourite programme settings for your smart appliances, providing quick and convenient access to perfect performance. A HomeWhiz connected home means you don’t need to worry about forgetting how to get your clothes perfectly dry.

On the “Profile” tab you can manage your personal information, log-out or change your personal password.

On the “History” tab you will find an overview of all your past activities using the HomeWhiz app and your smart appliances. You can also review your energy consumption here.

You will find detailed information and control options for each smart appliance under a separate tab. Here you can review the status of your appliance, define the settings, control notifications, define cheap energy hours and find useful appliance guides and FAQs for your smart appliance.

Your smart oven has a recipes feature, with a variety of delicious meals that can be directly sent to your smart appliance via the HomeWhiz app with just one tap. The recipes on HomeWhiz list all the ingredients you need and contain the programme settings for perfect results.

Download for iOS

Downloading the HomeWhiz app for iOS smart devices is easy. Simply visit the App Store and find the free HomeWhiz app.

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Download for Android

Downloading the HomeWhiz app for Android smart devices is easy. Simply visit Google Play and find the free HomeWhiz app.

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Download for iOS

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Download for Android

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